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“The Lonely Hearts Club” – Elizabeth Eulberg

In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting a lot from this book – I really just wanted something that was easy to read; something that I could pick up and put down in between classes and not have trouble keeping up with the story. In that respect, the book was perfect.

It’s a fairly good read but in essence it’s a very basic story. The story follows Penny Lane who gets hurt by a long time friend/crush Nate. After an unfortunate incident, she swears off men completely (or until she finishes school) and starts a club – The Lonely Hearts club (taken from a Beatles poster bearing the name of their album “Sgt Pepper’s lonely hearts club band”). Naturally, once she’s formed this club she becomes the prime love interest for a couple of boys.

As the story progresses, Penny’s club turns into a bit of a cult which ends up causing some problems along the way. While all the action is fairly predictable, there’s a constant “hot and cold” feeling between Penny and her unknown love interest Ryan which then confuses the reader a bit. It suddenly seems like every single guy is interested in her, which makes the reader have trouble identifying exactly who it is she likes. (I mean, you get a good idea, but you’re never 100% sure until the last 50 pages or so). Throw in a poorly sung karaoke ballad and voila – the leader of the club suddenly isn’t so lonely anymore.

I don’t mind books that are predictable, but this one was a little bit TOO predictable for my likings. Still, it had a happy ending, which is what readers will expect from this book. There were some very funny chapters in there, with some very good comebacks I’d love to say to some of my ex-boyfriends. For the intended audience, the book reads very well. The language is straight forward, though the constant Beatles references may be lost on younger readers.  But if you like chick flicks and young adult fiction books, give this one a go!

Overall Rating: 3/5